🎁 "Gift a Single Session"

Become an erotic awakening guardian angel 😇 by gifting a single breakthrough coaching session to a loved one!


A single somatic coaching session is for your loved one if:

  • They desire to feel whole, safe, confident, and at home in their body

  • They are ready to reclaim their pleasure and orgasm as potent healing modalities that are all for them

  • They want to more easily drop out of your busy mind and into their body

  • They want to open, soften, and relax

  • They yearn to more deeply know themselves, their needs and desires, and what may be holding them back from the intimacy they deserve


The details:

  • This offering is a single 75-minute private coaching & healing session with Nadine via Zoom

  • There will be absolutely no nudity or exchange of sexual energy

  • After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps so that your loved one can receive their gifted session! Please enter YOUR email address on this page.


What a single session can potentially provide:

  • Clarity on your core desires

  • Discovering the subconscious parts of yourself that are not onboard with these desires, so we can then heal and integrate them

  • Radical self-acceptance and self-love

  • A profound + insightful exploration of your own subconscious world

  • Experiencing more joy, ease, and freedom in your sexual expression

  • A deeper connection to your body, worthiness, pleasure, and sex center

  • A better understanding of how you uniquely experience orgasm

  • A safe, loving container to feel the unfelt, claim the bigness of your desires, and receive expert reflections + guidance

  • An openness to love, receptivity, surrender, emotional intimacy, and/or the sex life you dream of


Questions? DM Nadine on Instagram @bloomwithnadine

  • There are no refunds available

  • The session must take place within 45 days of payment

$250.00 USD

I have read and completely agree to the terms and conditions as stated on this page.