Three-Session Bundle

Three breakthrough coaching sessions to come home to your erotic essence and inner wholeness

Because wild, ecstatic pleasure is your birthright.


Awaken the oracle between your thighs.

Experience safety, freedom, and pleasure within your unique flavor of sexual wholeness.

Remember your divinity through the exploration, reclamation, and activation of your sexuality.

The three-session bundle is for you if:

  • You desire to feel whole, safe, confident, and at home in your body

  • You’re done using your sexuality as a transactional currency to “get” love and attention from others, and are ready to reclaim your pleasure and orgasm as potent healing modalities that are all for you

  • You want to more easily drop out of your busy mind and into your body

  • You want to open, soften, and relax

  • You yearn to more deeply know yourself, your needs and desires, and what may be holding you back from the intimacy you deserve

The details:

  • This bundle includes three private coaching & healing sessions with Nadine (longer-term coaching packages are also available, click here for more info!)

  • The first session is 75 minutes and the next two are 60 minutes each (held via Zoom)

  • There will be absolutely no nudity or exchange of sexual energy

  • Sessions are guided both intuitively and by the various methods & techniques passed on to Nadine by her different teachers, trainings, modalities, and personal experiences. Click here to read more about Nadine’s background or here to check out testimonials

  • Depending on what you bring to the table, Nadine may guide you through: embodiment practices, subconscious rewiring, parts work, VITA Method coaching, Tantric techniques, energy healing, and more


Will a handful of coaching sessions be the end-all, be-all of your healing and awakening journey? Nope.

And any coach or healer out there would be lying if they told you otherwise ;)


What a three-session bundle CAN provide you is:

  • Greater clarity on your core desires and needs

  • Discovering the subconscious parts of yourself that are not onboard with these desires, so we can then heal and integrate them

  • Radical self-acceptance and self-love

  • A profound + insightful exploration of your own subconscious world

  • Experiencing more joy, ease, and freedom in your sexual expression

  • A deeper connection to your body, worthiness, pleasure, and sex center

  • A better understanding of how you uniquely experience orgasm

  • A safe, loving container to feel the unfelt, claim the bigness of your desires, and receive expert reflections + guidance

  • An openness to love, receptivity, surrender, emotional intimacy, and/or the sex life you dream of


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Questions? DM Nadine on Instagram @bloomwithnadine

  • There are no refunds available

  • Your sessions must take place within 6 weeks of payment


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$570.00 USD

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