The Liberation Bundle

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The Liberation Bundle includes deeply healing and paradigm-shifting workshops, masterclasses, meditations, visualizations, journal prompts, and embodiment practices to more freely express your truth, embody your sexual power, heal and connect with your inner child, & sooo much more.

This bundle guides you to liberate the wild, creative, bold, sensual, authentic, and courageous essence of who you came here to be.

Upon purchase, you will receive lifetime access to the offerings listed below via a confirmation email with links to each:

  1. THE VISIONARY: An experiential masterclass for shifting out of imposter syndrome and into your confident inner visionary with grace, ease, and pleasure. You will learn Nadine's proven methodology for trusting your own leadership, creating clarity, and shifting from self-doubt to openness, curiosity, and purpose.
  2. SEEN: The sacred art of unapologetically shining your light. This masterclass will guide you to tap into the radiance, power, & intimacy of radical authenticity and uninhibited self-expression (while shedding "what will they think?!" syndrome). 
  3. INNER CHILD LIBERATION: A deeply healing workshop to empower your relationship with the little one within, free yourself from old relational patterns, and re-parent yourself back to inner wholeness. Bonus material (journal prompts + meditation) is also included to deepen and integrate the experience.
  4. THE AWAKENED PUSSY: Awaken the temple between your thighs in this illuminating workshop. Learn about the connection between your pussy’s awakening and your enhanced creativity, intuition, magnetism, confidence, healing, and voice. You will also be guided through powerful practices to embody this work.
  5. SELF-LIBERATION MEDITATION: Nadine's all-time favorite meditation! It encompasses three core Tantric practices: being conscious of being conscious, everyday liberation, and recognizing the divinity within you. This is a simple, yet profound method for connecting with the consciousness that permeates everything in existence and embodying the liberation you desire.
  6. HOLY PUSSY: Activate the power of your sex center, communicate with your built-in oracle, and learn about the innate connection between your pussy’s awakening and your enhanced creativity, intuition, confidence, and voice. Holy Pussy is the next iteration of "The Awakened Pussy" masterclass.
  7. WORTHY: An activating masterclass that guides you to unapologetically own and embody your innate worthiness. Rediscover exactly how it is your birthright to reclaim your desires, pleasure, power, voice, and magnetism. No more playing small or apologizing for your own expression. It's time to rise.
  8. LIVING AS LOVEMAKING: Harness your turn-on for much more than just the bedroom. This workshop is for heart-centered people with pussies who desire to shift from forcing to attracting & understand how foreplay works with the Universe.


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