A two-hour journey into the most important relationship of your life.


We've all heard the buzzword "inner child" on our newsfeeds... but what does it actually mean?

And how does this part of ourselves impact our lives and relationships?


Well, as an energy reader, sexual healing guide, and inner power coach, I've come to find that our inner child is typically (unconsciously) running the show throughout many aspects of our lives.

Until we make it conscious, integrate it, and offer it the recurring love, acceptance, compassion, and safety it's so desperately needing...

...we continue to operate from our wounds instead of our empowered Truth, endlessly seeking for these unmet needs to finally be met.

The problem is, that search tends to be entirely external, when the real sustainable transformation is internal.


From my own relentless exploration of shadow work and my extensive healing sessions with clients, I've seen over and over how almost all issues boil down to childhood experiences that have stayed with us well into adulthood (literally - they can be physically and energetically "stored" in the body).

This can show up in your life in countless ways, such as: people-pleasing, self-betrayal, attracting toxic relationships, having weak boundaries, emotional numbness, shutdown, not trusting yourself, shame, guilt, resentment, dissociation, self-criticism, feeling the need to control, fear of being seen, codependency, scarcity, anxious/avoidant attachment styles, and more.


In this trauma-informed workshop, Nadine will guide you through a focused teaching, a meditation to connect with your inner child, and a guided embodiment practice to create a sanctuary within for your inner child to take refuge in.

If time permits, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.



Along with the workshop recording, you will also receive deep-dive journal prompts and a recorded meditation for resourcing, grounding, and continuing to nurture this relationship with your inner child from a space of safety and love.

You'll have access to all this + the workshop replay for as long as it exists on the internet!

You will learn how to take back your power in your life and intimate relationships.


  • Identify when your "wounded self" is at the wheel and how to hand over the reigns to your "empowered self"
  • Expand your perspective on those moments when you're thinking, "UGH I thought I healed this. Why is this coming up again??"
  • Cultivate personal techniques for connecting with, resourcing, and integrating your inner child
  • Hold compassion, love, and acceptance for all parts of yourself as you create more spaciousness within
  • Begin to "reparent" yourself, heal the mother/father wound(s), and rewrite your relational narrative
  • Notice what in your life is actually in alignment, and what is simply a subconscious way of your inner child seeking love/approval/belonging/etc.
  • Transmute self-sabotage into support systems that actually serve you
  • Expand your creative expression and sense of playfulness
  • Transform your inner world into a safe haven


How you relate to your inner child impacts how you interact with the outside world (especially in your love life).


Most of us may think this is obvious but rarely take the time to learn real techniques for self-healing.


If we don't take ownership of our own inner worlds, no one else will.

I decided to birth this unique offering into the world because the vast majority of healing sessions that I guide tend to lead us right back into..... childhood.


When you were a child, your subconscious world was an extremely fertile ground for seeds to be planted (the amazing thing is - it still is!). Over time, and through the circumstances of your environment, those seeds grew and grew... into habits, belief systems, a certain perspective of yourself and the world, relational patterns, triggers, and ultimately your entire identity.

We become so immersed in this specific way of seeing and being that we base our lives off of the conditioning that we never consented to receive, as opposed to how we actually desire to live, love, and operate in the world on a soul level.

Without an awareness that we do indeed have the power to shift our entire sense of identity, and therefore our entire reality, we may just settle for, "welp, I guess this is just how I am and how life goes. I guess this is as good as it's gonna get."

Inner Child Liberation will show you otherwise.

This offering will guide you to more deeply understand the roots of these subconscious patterns, weed out what is not aligned with the true YOU, and take back the power of your own inner garden.


If you're wondering who the heck I am and why I'm qualified to hold this workshop, click here to stalk me ;)


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