This podcast is an evocation of your inner sensuous creature – a radical celebration of your feeling, humming, dancing essence that’s throbbing with creative impulse, orgasmic sensitivity, intuitive wisdom, and primal wildness.

The part of you that perceives with the whole of your body and is interconnected with all that is. The one who’s here to not only live but be alive.

The Sensuous (previously titled Soul Nectar) invites you to re-experience yourself as a vital organ of the greater animate world, relating to your eroticism, pleasure, emotions, and full-spectrum humanness as gateways to your own divinity.

I’m your guide, Nadine Hamilton, seasoned and certified Integrative Sex Coach, Somatic Practitioner, Intimacy Educator, and lifelong student. Join me and my trailblazing guests as we explore the sacred AND the profane through a somatic lens; unraveling all things sex, power, mysticism, healing, and conscious relating.

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for the sensuously curious 

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