Hi, love. I'm Nadine Hamilton.

VITA™ Certified Coach specializing in Holistic Sexuality, Inner Power, Embodied Intimacy, and Somatic Healing | Host of The Sensuous 

I guide soulful, self-aware humans through their spiritual, sexual, somatic, and self-love evolution to unleash their authentic expression, expand their capacity for pleasure and true intimacy, fall in love with their erotic nature, and remember their innate worth, beauty, desire, and divinity.


"Nadine is a force of passion, love, warmth, and pleasure.

Her coaching containers have left me speechless (a hard task) with a deeper level of trust in myself and safety in my body.

We're so lucky she is sharing her gifts."

- Shannon, private coaching client


Experiencing ecstatic pleasure is not only your birthright, but your own responsibility to awaken and cultivate.


And it all begins with creating inner safety.


You must feel in your flesh and bones that it is safe to FEEL, to express, to be seen, and to be with all parts of yourself... shadows and all.


One who owns their sexuality is one who owns their life.


You are worthy of rewriting your sexual narrative to one that supports (and catapults) your thriving.


You are worthy of being celebrated for exactly who you are.


You are worthy of experiencing the levels of intimacy that your soul came here for.

Experience the transformation for yourself with Living Sensuality:

The FREE 7-day sensual awakening course to activate your juiciest pleasure, enliven the mundane, and make love to life itself


Private Coaching

Skillfully guided, trauma-aware, somatic-based coaching and healing for those desiring to crack open their hearts, sexuality, power, desire, spirituality, and confidence. This work is deep and honors the profound wisdom of your own body as I guide you back home to yourself. Single sessions and packages available.

Erotic Revival

Nadine's signature somatic sexual healing + empowerment group immersion to bring your shameless sexuality to life and resurrect your erotic aliveness, sensual expression, and wildest pleasure. Join the waitlist to be notified when applications reopen toward the end of 2024.

Online Courses + Freebies

Gain instant access to transformational, deep-dive virtual experiences.

Live Events

Join Nadine for her immersive live workshops, retreats, and events.

Podcast: The Sensuous

This podcast is a radical celebration of your inner sensuous creature. Join Nadine and her guests as they boldly explore the sacred and the profane through a somatic lens; unraveling all things sex, power, mysticism, healing, and conscious relating.

Free Telegram Channel

Regularly receive short audio teachings from Nadine with musings, inspiration, practical tools, and perspective shifts to expand you into deeper pleasure, presence, confidence, embodiment, and self-intimacy.

"Nadine held the safest space I have ever felt. A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders throughout this work.

I can say that I absofuckinglutely no longer hold shame or guilt around my sexuality and core desires.

I now feel that I am just as worthy, whole, valid, and SEXY as everyone else. And that I deserve mind-blowing love and confidence in my body and uniqueness.

These sessions were the master key.

Thank you Nadine for unlocking this door with me. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, your genuine kind caring heart, and wide open arms that welcomed my entire being - with all of its baggage, fears, anger, and programming.

Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be fully fucking sexually liberated and unapologetic about my truth."

- Aubrey, private coaching client



The Nature of This Flower

Is to Bloom

Rebellious. Living.

Against the Elemental Crush.

A Song of Color


For Deserving Eyes.

Blooming Gloriously

For its Self.

– Alice Walker

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