My mission is to guide you to unravel all that’s been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and most liberated self-expression.

My fierce passion for pussy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s empowerment, pleasure activism, and dismantling internalized patriarchal conditioning.

I love nothing more than guiding others to shed their illusions and re-become the truth of who they came here to be - in all of their wholeness, bigness, wildness, and audacity.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my own sacred sexuality, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path.

I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, spiritual, and integral part of what makes me, me.

My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and consciously designing the reality I live in.

I am dedicated to sharing this sacred work of intergenerational healing and spiritual growth through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, “fixed,” or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you.

My job is to walk by your side as we unravel all that’s been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom and your primal, intuitive, authentic, magical ass Self.

You in?


I am a seasoned and certified Sexuality Coach and Practitioner of somatic healing, inner power, and earth-based spirituality, offering a methodology that is as intuitive, spiritual, and witchy as it is grounded, practical, embodied, and neuroscience-backed.

I bring all facets of my studies, training, and experience to customize a holistic journey of deep initiation for what each client needs.


My approach to coaching is desire-based, somatic, relational, un-shaming, and sex-positive.


Desired-based -

I don’t believe in unnecessarily or forcefully “digging” for issues (and therefore creating them). We begin the journey by gaining crystal clarity on exactly what you desire on a soul level. This becomes our North Star, illuminating the journey ahead.

As we move in the direction of your Core Desire, anything that is “blocking” you from actualizing this reality will naturally arise - ready to be seen, heard, accepted, integrated, alchemized, and/or released.

My desire-based approach is designed for you to fully and audaciously claim the bigness of your desires, strengthen your inner compass, own your worth, embrace and accept your current reality as it is, and allow any shadows or blockages to arise without “forcing” them to the surface.


Somatic -

Somatic means: in relation to the body. The deepest, most ancient part of the mind (the unconscious) lives in the body. Your soma carries profound wisdom and intelligence, speaking to you in ways that most of us were never taught to recognize or interpret. No matter how badly we consciously want something, it is almost impossible to achieve it if we are unconsciously resisting it or viewing it as a threat.

Talk therapy can only get us so far, as it tends to only engage the more superficial layers of our consciousness. We can verbally express something (and even convince ourselves that we fully believe it!) while our bodies and nervous systems are existing in an entirely different reality. When we quiet the judging/thinking/analyzing mind and tune directly into the feeling/sensing/unconscious body-mind, we are able to ignite lasting transformation on the deepest levels.


Relational -

Signing up for coaching means our souls are joining forces - and that you’re hiring me to be the Doula of the most vibrant, liberated, creative, self-loving, aligned, and ALIVE version of yourself.

Yes, I have an extensive arsenal of trauma-informed tools, teachings, resources, practices, and skills to equip our journey, but it really is a co-creation. Your body's wisdom will guide the way, as I shine a light on what you might not be seeing and invite you into deeper layers of love, truth, embodiment, power, and Eros.

A core aspect of my work (and what differentiates it) is that I relentlessly serve as a mirror for YOUR truth and highest good. Meaning, I will offer my own wisdom and perspective when needed while continuously guiding you right back to your own inner knowing, heart’s truth, and authentic self. I will never claim to have all the answers or know what is best for YOU better than you do.

This style of coaching is not a one-way “consultation.” It is a guided, yet collaborative journey of remembrance that you are your own greatest guru, oracle, and healer.


Un-Shaming -

Working with shame is one of my specialties and most fiery passions. Greatly inspired by the teachings of David Bedrick and Process Work, I view shame as an internalized witness that convinces us there is something inherently wrong with our Being. It is a distorted lens through which we’ve learned to perceive ourselves.

When we suppress a part of ourselves and refuse to see, feel, or believe in it, it lives on in shame and isolation. We then relate to ourselves as something to "fix" and no longer trust ourselves or express our truth.

We “un-shame” by becoming our own Loving Witness, unconditionally offering acceptance and celebration to all aspects of who we are, without exception. This means we are able to recognize how all the painful suffering from our trauma and struggles can actually result in something truly magnificent, such as the unique medicine we’re here to share with the world.


Sex-Positive -

I believe that sexuality is a core part of being human and that your pleasure, orgasm, desires, and uninhibited expression are sacred. Your sexual essence is worthy of massive celebration. Period. When we reclaim our inner Erotic Creature, we reclaim our lives.

Nonetheless, many of us were raised in environments that drown our authentic sexuality in shame, fear, guilt, taboo, and conditioning. I’ve therefore found it to be incredibly impactful to first focus on building a sturdy foundation of inner safety before delving more directly into sexuality and sexual energy cultivation (this may look like nervous system regulation, inner child work, resourcing, trauma integration, reparenting, rewiring subconscious beliefs/identity, writing a new sexual narrative, worthiness, opening to true intimacy, emotional processing, etc).

You then have an expanded and strengthened capacity (& sensitivity) to fully open to your innate erotic expression and will be able to go much deeper in any sexuality practices. This looks different for everyone, as we are all on such different steps on our paths!



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