My mission is to guide you to unravel all that’s been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and most liberated self-expression.

My fierce passion for pussy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s empowerment, pleasure activism, and dismantling colonization and the patriarchy.

I love nothing more than activating something within others that cracks their heart open and awakens them to the truth of their own infinite essence.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my pussy and womb, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path.

I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, spiritual, and integral part of what makes me, me.

My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and consciously designing the reality I live in.

I am dedicated to sharing this sacred work of intergenerational self-healing and spiritual growth through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, “fixed,” or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you.

My job is to walk by your side as we unravel all that’s been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom and your primal, intuitive, authentic, magical ass Self.

You in?



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