Bring your inner Sex Goddess to life through the embodied resurrection of your erotic aliveness, sensual expression, and wildest pleasure.


I invite you to reflect on one of your top favorite life memories. Go with the first one that comes to mind.


Now, I can almost guarantee that it consists of feeling a profound sense of oneness or connection.


Maybe with nature, with humanity, with another being, with yourself, with the universe, with life.


This very feeling is our deepest essence, our home, our truth. When we journey beyond the illusion of separation, we experience surrender, bliss, and peace. We are tapping into source energy, whether we recognize it or not. That’s why it feels so damn amazing and unforgettable, as if everything is just right in that moment.


To now infuse that expansive feeling of oneness with the potency and power of your sexuality is to create magic.


Erotic energy is life force energy, the fuel of all creation. When consciously cultivated with the intention to connect with something beyond (or deeper within) your human self... the possibilities are truly endless.


"Eroticism isn’t just the life force that makes sex great.

Eroticism is what makes life itself worth living."

- Esther Perel

I see you, powerful woman.

You know, in your core, that you are a sexual being.

You’ve experienced your fair share of desire, arousal, and passion.

You know there’s a badass Erotic Priestess within you.

And yet, something feels “off.” Disconnected. Stuck. Confusing. Contracted.

Feeling this distance from your full sexual capacity has been blowing your confidence, draining your energy, dimming your expression, and devastating your heart.

You want to express your needs and desires, but you lack clarity on what those even are right now.

You want to experience sex that's DEEP, soulful, and even otherworldly, but shame keeps creeping up on you.

You tell yourself that sexuality "should" feel easy, natural, and connected.

And that what "should" be effortless, light, passionate, and fun, is more of a flurry of resistance, triggers, shutdown, doubt, and overthinking.

You want to relax. You want to open up. You want to drop into pleasure. You want to feel desire and sensuality pulsing through your entire body.

But when your lover initiates sex… you’re tired, stressed, resistant, self-conscious, and already making a mental list of the 10,000 other things you “have to do."

You're living in a state of constantly bracing yourself for... something.

And you're sick of making yourself wrong for any of it.

Logically, you know it’s valuable to be more present and embodied, nurture your relationships (including with yourself), and regularly tap into your pleasure.

You know it’s worthwhile to slow way the fuck down, unload the weight of your responsibilities, and incorporate more play, flirtation, and lightness into your life.

You know pleasure and sexual intimacy are vital for your well-being.

And yet, the heaviness of work, family, health, money, responsibilities, future decisions, and the ticking of time just feel way more demanding.

It’s simply too much.

It feels like life is chaotically flying at hyper-speed around you while you’re just trying to catch up, de-stress, and make sense of it all.

You’re thinking, “How could I possibly prioritize sex, pleasure, and connection when the craziness of life is sending me into fight, flight, or freeze?”

I get it. I really fucking do.

We live in an era where so much is screaming for our attention, our patience is shot, our focus is scattered, and our bodies are forgotten.

You want help.

And at the same time, the thought of adding yet another thing onto your to-do list feels daunting.

Love, let's pause.

Place your hands on your body. And take a breath with me. The deepest one you’ve taken all day.

Take this moment to remember the fact that you are INSIDE of a human body. A body with needs, sensations, desires, instincts, and wisdom.

Your attention is your most valuable currency.

And when all of your attention is OUTSIDE of yourself - lost in thoughts, stress, and projections - that's where your energy is flowing.

You are worthy of taking time for yourself.

You are worthy of prioritizing feeling incredible and ALIVE in your body.

You are worthy of reconnecting with the wild, delicious pleasure available to you.

You are worthy of nurturing and POURING into yourself.

You are worthy of looking back one day and thinking, “Wow. I’m so grateful I slowed down, remembered what actually matters, and sucked every last drop of goodness out of this life.”

I invite you to imagine for a moment...

  • You trust that when you prioritize pleasure, it simultaneously improves other areas of your life.
  • Lovemaking feels wild, liberating, sacred, safe, celebratory, and pleasurable.
  • Internalized shame loosens its grasp on how you show up in the bedroom and the world.
  • You freely express your feminine sensuality without self-censorship.
  • Full-body cosmic orgasms are now a norm in your self-care practice.
  • You walk down the street with an embodied sense of openness, confidence, flirtation, and knowing who the fuck you are and what you want. You glance in the passing windows with a smirk on your face and your chin held high, oozing queen energy.
  • You do seemingly “ordinary” tasks with a newfound sense of gratitude, aliveness, presence, beauty, and connection.
  • The dial's been turned allllll the way up on life’s vividness. Colors are brighter, your demeanor is playful and light, connections have more depth, and your sex nourishes you.
  • You more easily drop into relaxation, presence, and pleasure.
  • You have clarity on your moment-to-moment needs, wants, and boundaries.

erotic revivalnoun

i-ˈrä-tik ri-ˈvī-vəl

The revitalization of one’s connection to their innate eroticism, including their sensuality, desire, pleasure, playfulness, sexual wholeness, and life force.


This isn't your typical online program.

Erotic Revival has been thoughtfully designed with self-honoring, ease, and play in mind.

This 11-week immersion is meant to easily and pleasurably integrate into your life, so that it's not just another "obligation" added to your to-do list, but rather an exciting, inspiring, FUN, and wild journey back home to your Erotic Self.


So how exactly is Erotic Revival different from the 57 gazillion other courses out there?


If there's anything you read on this page, let it be this:

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not something to be fixed, saved, pathologized, or told how you "should" feel.

There is a vast universe within you, and an innate INTELLIGENCE within all of your habits, patterns, experiences, and ways of being.

Your body's signals, sensations, urges, and reactions are a way of your unconscious expressing itself.

It's revealing what you're truly hungry for, as well as what does not serve you.

Erotic Revival is a unique approach because we don't just slap on a band-aid, do some cute pleasure practices, give an inspiring pep talk, and call it a day.

That would be bypassing the ROOT of what got you here in the first place.

Experiencing shutdown and closure? Let's lean in.

Feel nothing but numbness? Get out your metaphorical magnifying glass.

Always dissociating and leaving your body? Let's dive in and explore.

This holistic, trauma-informed program is an invitation to become compassionate & curious detectives of our innermost worlds - without shame, judgment, or assumptions.


Learning to speak the language of our erotic nature and bodies, AKA our unconscious, radically alters the way we relate to ourselves, our relationships, our sex, and the world.


Erotic Revival teaches you to drop the rigidity, focus on your subjective experience, and deeply understand how YOU uniquely operate as an Erotic Being.

"Working with Nadine was the exact medicine that my inner feminine needed to feel safe to express herself.

I experienced deeper levels of healing than ever before. Nadine is a gifted guide and healer and very seamlessly leads you through a powerful experience of deep release, self-connection and most importantly she guides you to access your true authentic self.

I now feel the goddess that was previously hidden inside of me coming out into full bloom.

If you're looking to awaken your inner goddess, feminine, or sensual being and you're thinking about working with Nadine, trust that it's for a reason. Trust yourself and dive in!"

- Keisha, former client


Enrollment for the next round of Erotic Revival closes on April 3, 2023.

It runs for 11 weeks, until June 15th.

Signature Method

Erotic Revival will provide you with a safe & thoughtful container to meet your edges, unravel your unique sexual essence, and explore all levels of the Erotic Self.

You'll be empowered to speak the language of your arousal, learn practical methods for relaxing into pleasure, gently release emotion and trauma from the body, and gain clarity on your relational & sexual needs, desires, and boundaries. And much, much more ;)

Lifetime Access

You will gain lifetime access to the call recordings and program curriculum in our beautiful Online Learning Portal, including any new content added in the future!

Erotic Revival's luscious spaciousness is intended to avoid overwhelm, maintain momentum, and focus on what actually matters, minus the fluff. These teachings and tools are here for you to come back to whenever you'd like.

Epic Community Support

You will gain access to our magical private community space for added support, sharing, connection, celebration, and sisterhood. You'll also be able to get your questions answered directly from Nadine.


 "These sessions were just from another planet. Being held, seen and guided by Nadine is a one-of-a-kind experience.

We went deep into the subconscious, while I felt and listened to the signals of my body and relearned about myself in the process. I gained an awareness that is here to stay.

I feel more grounded and light at the same time, feeling like I peeled off another layer of what is keeping me from being my most authentic self and from showing up more boldly in this world.

I’m deeply grateful. Nadine is the real deal and I believe she is one of the greats in the making. Thank you Nadine for your brilliant heart and the light that you share with us so generously."

- Toni, former client


Erotic Revival is an 11-week embodied immersion consisting of weekly live group calls and highly-targeted recorded content to incorporate the teachings and practices into your life.


The live sessions guide you to put theory into practice, ensuring an experiential integration of all that you're learning.


You will be guided to unravel all that's been keeping you from knowing, expressing, & owning your core Erotic Self.

Oceanic Self-Love & Awakening Desire

Topics explored: Bringing your desired reality to life, breast massage for heart opening, cultivating presence and body awareness, identifying and owning desire, devotional self-worship, inner safety, relationship with pussy

 Live Group Sessions:

Wednesday, April 5 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time

Tuesday, April 11 at 2:30pm-4pm Pacific Time

Alchemizing Shame into Power

Topics explored: Shadow integration, somatic un-shaming processes, shedding old stories and identities, ancestral healing, the five stages of sexuality, rewriting your sexual narrative

 Live Group Sessions:

Wednesday, April 19 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time

Tuesday, April 25 at 2:30pm-4pm Pacific Time

Embodied Sensuality as Nourishment

Topics explored: Awakening the senses, the art of self-seduction, resensitization to pleasure, embodiment of your Erotic Self

 Live Group Session:

Wednesday, May 3 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time

Sexual Healing

Topics explored: Dearmoring, vaginal mapping, trauma awareness, nervous system strengthening, embodying safety, inner child, emotional release and liberation, healing through pleasure

 Live Group Session:

 Wednesday, May 17 at 2:30pm-4pm Pacific Time

Unravel Your Wildness & Eroticize Your Life

Topics explored: Archetypical exploration, primal expression, the animal self, practicing active surrender, connecting to the Eros of Life, unlocking breath/sound/movement

 Live Group Session:

Tuesday, May 23 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time

Cosmic Orgasms

Topics explored: Sex magic, yoni egg ritual, full-bodied pleasure, inducing psychedelic & altered states of consciousness naturally

 Live Group Session:

Wednesday, May 31 at 2:30pm-4pm Pacific Time

Sacred Sexuality & Energy Play

Topics explored: Tantric sex, energy sex, opening to deeper intimacy, the keys to sacred sexuality, transfiguration practice, remembering and FEELING the divine in your Erotic Self

 Live Group Sessions:

Tuesday, June 6 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time

Wednesday, June 15 at 9:30am-11am Pacific Time


**It is not required to attend the live sessions - you will receive access to all of the recordings**


The journey begins on April 5th

(Enrollment closes April 3rd)

Enrollment closes in:









Erotic Revival is for you if:

  • You want to reconnect with your own sexual desires and identity, rather than squeeze yourself into a mold.
  • The lingerie, toys, and tricks have been fun but are starting to feel worn out. You want to experience arousal purely from your own pleasure and sexual energy.
  • You no longer want to feel like you're on "automatic," just going through the motions of life and sex.
  • You want your sexuality to feel playful, liberated, deep, confident, and true to yourself.
  • You want practical tools for relaxing, softening, and getting out of your head.
  • You desire clarity on what your needs are and how to artistically communicate them.
  • You want to become aware of the sneaky ways that shame creeps into your life and learn to sustainably UNshame your self-expression.
  • You want to relate to your sensitivity as the gift it truly is, rather than it being "too much" or a burden.
  • You no longer want to criticize, doubt, and second-guess yourself during sex.
  • You want your relationships to actually nourish you and to feel seen, desired, and appreciated.

Your turn-on no longer has to feel like a mystery.


Your investment includes:


Ten live group sessions of somatic healing, embodiment, initiation, and erotic self-exploration that guide you to reclaim your erotic identity, speak the language of your arousal, trust your body, & more freely express your sensuality.


Lifetime access to our exclusive Online Portal - filled with paradigm-shifting content, guided erotic embodiment practices, call recordings, and extra guidance so you're living and breathing this work.


Opportunities to get your questions answered by Nadine, a professionally trained and certified Holistic Sexuality Coach & Practitioner. 


A beautiful, like-minded community devoted to radical growth, erotic empowerment, and CELEBRATING you every step of the way.


Optional private breakthrough coaching sessions (included in VIP upgrades)

Choose your own adventure...

Erotic Revival: Core Experience


💦 Group Program 💦

  • Ten live group sessions + recordings
  • Lifetime access to the Erotic Revival Online Portal (plus any additional content added in the future!)
  • Private community support space
  • Reawaken your turn-on, unshame your erotic expression, set your pleasure on fire, and relearn the language of your body
  • Pay in Full and Payment Plan options available 

Erotic Revival: Gold VIP Experience


👑 VIP Upgrade 👑

  • The entire Erotic Revival core experience
  • A luxurious add-on of three 60-minute breakthrough 1:1 coaching sessions (via Zoom) to gain clarity, explore your subconscious, heal blockages, receive personalized guidance, and more powerfully step into your most liberated Erotic Self
  • Pay in Full and Payment Plan options available
  • VIP Bonus: The Liberation Bundle

Erotic Revival: Diamond VIP Experience


💎 VIP Upgrade 💎

  • The entire Erotic Revival core experience
  • A luxurious add-on of six 60-minute breakthrough 1:1 coaching sessions (via Zoom) to gain clarity, explore your subconscious, heal blockages, receive personalized guidance, and more powerfully step into your most liberated Erotic Self
  • Pay in Full and Payment Plan options available
  • VIP Bonus: The Liberation Bundle

 Have any questions before committing?

Send Nadine a DM on Instagram @bloomwithnadine to explore if this is the best fit for you and to schedule a complimentary discovery call!

"Life changing! Truly.

Nadine you are a queen and I am so grateful for this program and all the things I have learned about myself and how to align myself with my truth.

I loved every second of exploring myself and my body in new ways and can't wait to continue that into my everyday life. If you're looking for a way to tap into your feminine, your primal sexuality, your body, and emotions in ways you can't always get to on your own, Nadine is your girl!

The 1:1 calls alone are worth the price of admission. Her energy and her light shine so bright and guide you gently in such a safe space."

- Monica, former client


Meet your guide


Hi love, I'm Nadine Hamilton

Certified Coach of Holistic Sexuality, Psychosomatic Healing, and Inner Power | Host of Soul Nectar Podcast

My fierce passion for pussy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s empowerment, pleasure activism, and dismantling internalized shame & oppression. I love nothing more than activating something within others that cracks their heart open and awakens them to their true essence.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my pussy and womb, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path. I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, spiritual, and integral part of what makes me, me. My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and orgasmic living.

I am dedicated to sharing this sacred work of holistic self-healing through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, "fixed," or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you. My job is simply to walk by your side as we unravel all that's been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and primal, intuitive, authentic Self.

Desiring to feel deeper into my energy? Check out my website, podcastInstagram, & testimonials!

You will learn...

  • The art and science of arousal
  • How to connect with the power of your Erotic Self and eroticize your life
  • The common roots of dissociation, numbness, shutdown, and resistance
  • How to sustainably and effectively un-shame yourself
  • The essential ingredients to awaken your orgasmic potential
  • How to re-sensitize your body to pleasure and boldly reclaim your inner sacred slut ;)
  • How to create new neural pathways to now associate intimacy, surrender, sex, and pleasure with an embodied sense of safety, ease, openness, and joy
  • Practical, enjoyable, sensual tools to come back to for the rest of your life (solo or with a partner!)
  • How to relate to life as your greatest, kinkiest lover
  • How to boldly love and CHOOSE yourself throughout dating, single-hood, and relationship
  • Powerful and transformative somatic practices for emotional release, energy cultivation, full-bodied arousal, spiritual connection, primal embodiment, nervous system strengthening, and more

Questions? I have answers:

“Eroticism is an elixir of vibrancy, curiosity, and spontaneity that makes us feel alive. It is the counterforce of deadness, a radiance that reminds us that, despite any darkness we may endure, we are here on this planet right now. And, at all times, we are on the edge of all that is possible, straddling hope and anxiety.


Eroticism isn’t just the life force that makes sex great. Eroticism is what makes life itself worth living. When times are good, Eroticism is what converts the mundane into magic. When times are tough, Eroticism is what inspires us to survive—and even to thrive—despite all odds. It is why we make art and music and go into nature when we are in pain.”

- Esther Perel