A sacred sexuality immersion using conscious self-pleasure and erotic practices as tools for healing, awakening, power, ritual, and self-love


Bring your shameless sexuality and confidence to life as we resurrect your wildest pleasure, orgasmic potential, and sensual expression


Erotic Revival is a 3-month online group immersion for women & femmes

The next round will begin in Fall/Winter of 2023

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"Eroticism isn’t just the life force that makes sex great.

Eroticism is what makes life itself worth living."

- Esther Perel

You walk into your bedroom.

Anticipation pulses through your body.

You close the door behind you.

Hand to your heart. Deep exhale. Body softens.

Me time. Undisturbed. In devotion to pouring back into myself.

The world keeps moving outside of that door.

But in this room, all that exists is your body, your breath, your desire, and this present moment.

All that exists is what actually matters.

You become your own sanctuary.


Time slows down as your stress, thoughts, and to-do list gently melt from your awareness.

You are now entering ritual space.

A smirk lives on your lips.

A feeling of indulgence penetrates the room as you gift yourself this level of spaciousness and worthiness, taking time for pure pleasure and beingness like the royalty you are.


You light your favorite scented candles, *flick* taking a moment to gaze into the dancing flames.

You slowly kneel in front of your altar, your portal, which is filled with beautiful hand-selected items, each with a special meaning that only you know.

A shiver runs down your spine.

Here I am. I’m back. I have myself back.


You turn on a lavish playlist with the most velvety, sensuous beats to guide your gorgeous body into a trance-like state of relaxation and pleasure.

You press “play” on today’s guided practice, surrendering to the blissful experience of being led exactly where you’ve always wanted to go.

Deeper, deeper, deeper you journey within.

Wider, wider, wider you crack open to the edges of your own eroticism.

You meet yourself as if it’s the first time.


The sound of your own moans, sighs, mmmmm’s, and giggles fill your ears.

Is this ok? Is this acceptable? Is it normal to feel this fucking good??

You grant yourself the permission you’ve waited for.

Yes. I deserve this.


Tenderness pours through your heart as you hold yourself with such love and gentleness, meeting the needs that you previously sought outside of yourself.

You lather rose-infused body oil onto your hands. Drip.

Massaging this elixir over your flesh with the care, presence, and attentiveness of the world’s greatest lover.

Savoring every little sensation beneath your gliding fingertips.


Senses heightened.

Mind settled.

Heart opened.

Pussy throbbing.

Skin buzzing.

Hips swaying.

Pelvis open, receptive, warm.

Mouth playfully biting, licking, teasing, kissing your own flesh.

Creativity on fire.

You experiment with how much more power, bigness, audacity, and pleasure you let yourself feel.


How much more space can you take up? How much more feeling can you express? How much more acceptance can you blanket around your most tender parts? How much more can you embrace all that you’ve been taught to suppress?

This space, this practice, this moment, is your training ground for life.

All of you is welcome here.


When you leave this room, colors are brighter, sounds are more vivid, sensations are more full-bodied, smells are more vibrant, tastes are more delicious.

Sensuality lingers on your skin.

You ooze with the aliveness of your own erotic energy.


This. This is who you are. This is the true you.

Connected. Alive. Whole. Grounded. Vital. Turned on. Truly here.

Welcome home.


Imagine in 12 weeks...

  • You pleasure your own body with the enthusiasm, passion, presence, and care of the world's greatest lover
  • Your desire is reignited in your relationships.
  • Lovemaking feels wild, liberating, sacred, safe, celebratory, and pleasurable.
  • Internalized shame and self-censorship loosen their grip on how you show up in the bedroom and in your life.
  • Bliss-inducing orgasms are now a norm in your self-care practice.
  • You walk down the street with an embodied sense of confidence, flirtation, and knowing who the f*ck you are. You ooze queen energy.
  • You do “ordinary” tasks with a newfound sense of gratitude, aliveness, presence, and connection.
  • The dial is turned up on life’s vividness. Colors are brighter, your demeanor is playful, connections have more depth, and your sex nourishes you.
  • You more easily drop into relaxation, presence, and pleasure.
  • You have clarity on your moment-to-moment needs, desires, and boundaries.

I see you, powerful woman.

You know, in your core, that you are a sexual being.

You’ve experienced your fair share of desire, arousal, and passion.

You know there’s a badass Erotic Priestess within you.

And yet, something's been feeling “off.” Disconnected. Stuck. Confusing. Contracted.

As if something is... missing.

Feeling this distance from your full sexual capacity has been blowing your confidence, dimming your expression, and devastating your heart.

You want to express your needs and desires, but you lack clarity on what those even are right now.

You want to experience sex that's DEEP, soulful, and even otherworldly, but shame keeps creeping up.

You tell yourself that sexuality "should" feel easy, natural, and connected.

And that what "should" be effortless, light, passionate, and fun, is more of a flurry of resistance, frustration, shutdown, doubt, and overthinking.

You want to relax. You want to open up. You want to drop into pleasure. You want to feel desire and sensuality pulsing through your body.

But when your lover initiates sex… you’re tired, overwhelmed, self-conscious, and already making a mental list of the 10,000 other things you “have to do."

It feels like you're living in a state of constantly bracing yourself for... something.

And you're sick of making yourself wrong for any of it.

Logically, you know it’s valuable to be more present, nurture your relationships (including with yourself), and regularly tap into pleasure.

You know it’s worthwhile to slow the f*ck down, unload the weight of your responsibilities, and incorporate more play, flirtation, and lightness into your life.

You know pleasure and sexual intimacy are vital for your well-being.

And yet, the heaviness of work, family, health, money, responsibilities, future decisions, and the ticking of time just feels way more demanding.

It’s simply too much.

It feels like life is chaotically flying at hyper-speed around you while you’re just trying to catch up, de-stress, and make sense of it all.

You’re thinking, “How could I possibly prioritize sex, pleasure, and connection when the craziness of life is sending me into freeze?”

I get it. I really f*cking do.

We live in an era where so much is screaming for our attention, our patience is shot, our focus is scattered, and our bodies are forgotten.

You want help.

And at the same time, the thought of adding yet another thing to your to-do list feels daunting.

If we desire a life of more pleasure, we need to spend more time in pleasure.

And the most powerful catalyst for this is cultivating our sexual turn-on.


You are worthy of taking time for yourself.

You are worthy of prioritizing feeling incredible and ALIVE in your body.

You are worthy of reconnecting with the wildly delicious pleasure available to you.

You are worthy of nurturing and POURING into yourself.

You are worthy of looking back one day and thinking, “Wow. I’m so grateful I slowed down, remembered what actually matters, and sucked every last drop of goodness out of this life.”


erotic revivalnoun

i-ˈrä-tik ri-ˈvī-vəl

The revitalization of one’s connection to their innate eroticism, including their sensuality, desire, pleasure, playfulness, sexual wholeness, and life force.


Why self-pleasure?

Because a woman who owns her sexuality is a woman who owns her life.

After immersing myself in many healing modalities...

I’ve found that when we go directly into the area of our lives that is drenched in the most shame, taboo, fear, and conditioning, and are able to discover true liberation there, an inevitable ripple effect infuses this same sense of power and freedom throughout our reality.


How we touch, hold, express, and relate to our bodies directly reflects how we show up in our external world.


When you’re able to not only look your shame, guilt, fear, vulnerability, and shadows in the eyes but make sweet, passionate, radical LOVE to these “societally unacceptable” parts of yourself

You begin to embody a level of wholeness, vitality, and self-acceptance unlike anything else I’ve experienced or witnessed.


Until your very last breath, YOU are all that’s guaranteed to stay by your side. I believe that prioritizing this relationship is non-negotiable.


When we relate to our pleasure practice as a healing modality, and as a conscious & intentional ritual, we are able to tap into and activate the deeper layers of who we are - including our untouchable worthiness, power, spiritual connection, wildness, creativity, liberation, and love.


Cultivating your sexual energy is like adding rocket fuel to your daily life.


Tantra teaches us that any part of the human experience can be consciously worked with as a path to awakening and liberation.

So why not explore our own bodies, orgasm, pleasure, and sexuality as the potent gateways to self-actualization that they are?

Your self-pleasure practice gets to set you up for a life of deeper intimacy, vibrant confidence, and full-body pleasure.

"Working with Nadine was the exact medicine that my inner feminine needed to feel safe to express herself.

I experienced deeper levels of healing than ever before. Nadine is a gifted guide and healer and very seamlessly leads you through a powerful experience of deep release, self-connection and most importantly she guides you to access your true authentic self.

I now feel the goddess that was previously hidden inside of me coming out into full bloom.

If you're looking to awaken your inner goddess, feminine, or sensual being and you're thinking about working with Nadine, trust that it's for a reason. Trust yourself and dive in!"

- Keisha, former private client & group program graduate


Signature Method

Erotic Revival provides you with a safe & thoughtful container to meet your edges, unravel your unique sexual essence, and explore all levels of the Erotic Self.

You'll be empowered to speak the language of your arousal, learn practical methods for relaxing into pleasure, and gain clarity on your relational & sexual needs, desires, and boundaries. And much, much more ;)

Practically, this looks like one 90-120 minute group session per week and a weekly pre-recorded guided practice in our Online Learning Portal. All live sessions will be recorded.

Lifetime Access

You will gain lifetime access to the call recordings and program curriculum in our beautiful Online Learning Portal.

Erotic Revival's spacious structure is intended to avoid overwhelm, maintain momentum, realistically fit into your schedule, and focus on what actually matters, minus the fluff. These teachings and tools are here for you to come back to whenever you'd like.

Epic Private + Community Support

All Erotic Revival members receive one private coaching session with Nadine (or more for VIP members!) to integrate all that you're learning, explore your subconscious world, heal blockages, receive personalized guidance & feedback, and boldly step into your expanded, liberated self.

Additionally, you will gain access to our private community space for added support, connection, celebration, and community. You'll also be able to get your questions answered directly by Nadine.


 "These sessions were just from another planet. Being held, seen and guided by Nadine is a one-of-a-kind experience.

We went deep into the subconscious, while I felt and listened to the signals of my body and relearned about myself in the process. I gained an awareness that is here to stay.

I feel more grounded and light at the same time, feeling like I peeled off another layer of what is keeping me from being my most authentic self and from showing up more boldly in this world.

I’m deeply grateful. Nadine is the real deal and I believe she is one of the greats in the making. Thank you Nadine for your brilliant heart and the light that you share with us so generously."

- Toni, former private client & group program graduate


Healing and redefining your sexuality are at the root of inner wholeness, uninhibited self-love, liberated expression, and soul-on-fire intimacy.


Erotic Revival guides you to unapologetically express your deepest desires, rediscover your sensuality, and awaken a profound connection to your pussy, voice, intuition, and sexual energy.

Nadine's methodology fuses a deep understanding of both the physical and the metaphysical.

You will be provided with tools, rituals, embodiment practices, supportive space holding, community, and teaching transmissions that are rooted in extensive personal experience, as well as Nadine's professional training in modern neuropsychology, somatic and energy healing, and Tantric principles, philosophy, and practices. We will holistically address all levels of Selfthe physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

You will be empowered to fall in love with the woman looking back at you in the mirror, expand your orgasmic capacity, harness the power of your pussy, and feel at home in your authentic sexuality.


Because luscious, soul-shaking pleasure is your birthright.

Erotic Revival is a 3-month erotic empowerment immersion consisting of weekly group calls, private coaching, and highly-targeted pre-recorded practices to integrate the transformation into your life.


The group sessions guide you to put theory into practice, ensuring an experiential, felt integration of all that you're learning.


You will be guided to unravel all that's been keeping you from knowing, expressing, & owning your core Erotic Self.

 Oceanic Self-Love & Heart-Opening

You will set the foundation for a deeply nourishing relationship with your body and begin to explore your temple in new ways. 

We will ease into the container by learning to create a sacred space and crack open your heart to the love and connection that is already available to you. You’ll be guided to cultivate a profound sense of presence and relate to your body with gratitude, care, intention, and acceptance.

You'll dive into breast massage for heart opening, listening to your body’s wisdom and needs, and learning to integrate your own blockages - all while coming home to yourself.

 Awakening Pleasure, Desire, & Sensuality

Pleasure is not only your birthright, but is medicine for your body and nervous system. It is also only ever accessible in the present moment, inviting you to fully inhabit your body and come back to your primal senses.

You will learn how to recognize, cultivate, expand, and circulate pleasure in your body using your built-in tools of breath, sound, movement, touch, and awareness, as you unleash your sensual nature, become literate in pleasure anatomy, and gain clarity on (& OWN) your true desires.

 Sexual Healing

You are biologically wired for pleasure - and yet, we’ve been taught to feel sinful, ashamed, or fearful of tapping into our wild, ecstatic capacity to feel. 

Peel back the layers of conditioning, old identities, and limiting beliefs of what it means to be an erotic being. You will deconstruct sexuality and bodily awareness, be empowered to embrace the “season” you’re in, explore the distinct stages of sexual development, and establish trusted methods for grounding and resourcing.

You will also be guided to rewire your nervous system to associate sex, pleasure, and intimacy with safety, celebration, curiosity, joy, and belonging. You’ll learn to release stagnant energy, embody wholeness, hold yourself with love, and tend to your body with nourishing and therapeutic touch.

 Wildness, Power, & Orgasmic Living

Your pleasure practice is the training ground for how you desire to show up in your life and relationships. You will learn to embody new energies, archetypes, elemental forces, and versions of yourself that you most want to step into.

This week is all about untaming, unleashing, unraveling, and rewilding. Who are you when you’re completely free and uncensored? Who are you when there’s nothing to prove or perform? Who are you when you shed the guilt + shame and give yourself permission to truly be all of who you are?

You will meet your inner wild animal that’s been waiting to EXPRESS and learn to flow with how your emotions and primal instincts desire to move through you. We will also awaken a more full-bodied pleasure capacity, learn how to resensitize the body to highly orgasmic states, and practice active surrender. Your next level of audacity, courage, vibrancy, and confidence awaits.

 Spiritual Connection & Sacred Sexuality

Your sexual energy is creative life force energy. The very same force that births galaxies is what creates trees, orgasms, emotions, and desire. Your eroticism connects you to all that is.

You’ll be guided to experience your body and sexuality as extensions of your own divinity, powerful expressions of nature, and bridges to altered and psychedelic states of consciousness. You will merge your spirituality with your sexuality, play with sex magic, and meet the part of you that is infinite and untouchable.


Erotic Revival is for you if:

  • You desire an in-depth experiential sex education in which you feel totally literate in your own pleasure anatomy and empowered to touch yourself in new, delicious ways.
  • You want to reconnect with your own sexual desires and identity, rather than squeeze yourself into a mold.
  • You want to experience arousal purely from your own pleasure and sexual energy, no longer depending on fantasies or old habits.
  • You no longer want to feel like you're on "automatic," just going through the motions of life and sex.
  • You want your sexuality to feel playful, liberated, deep, confident, and true to yourself.
  • You want practical tools for relaxing, softening, and getting out of your head.
  • You desire clarity on what your needs are and how to artistically communicate them.
  • You want to become aware of the sneaky ways that shame creeps into your life and effectively UNshame your self-expression.
  • You want to relate to your sensitivity as the gift it truly is.
  • You no longer want to criticize, doubt, and second-guess yourself during sex.
  • You want your intimacy to actually nourish you and to feel seen, desired, and appreciated.

Your turn-on no longer has to feel like a mystery.


Your investment includes:


Weekly live group sessions of somatic healing, embodiment, teachings, and self-exploration that guide you to reclaim your erotic identity, speak the language of your arousal, trust your body, & more freely express your sensuality.


One private coaching session with Nadine (or more for VIP members) to heal blockages, receive customized guidance, explore your subconscious, and integrate all that you're learning.


Lifetime access to our exclusive Online Portal - filled with guided erotic embodiment practices, call recordings, and extra guidance so you're living and breathing this work.


Opportunities to get your questions answered by Nadine, a professionally trained and certified Holistic Sexuality Coach & Practitioner. 


A beautiful, like-minded community devoted to radical growth, erotic empowerment, and CELEBRATING you every step of the way.


Additional private breakthrough coaching sessions (included in VIP upgrades).

So what does this practically look like?

The breakdown:

Each week for three months, we will have one 90-120 minute group call and you will receive access to that week's pre-recorded guided practice that you can dive into in your own time (& keep coming back to whenever you like!).

 You'll be connected to our private community support space and will have one 1:1 coaching session that you can book anytime within the live 3-month program.

Questions? I'd be more than happy to speak with you!

Send me a message here.

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"Life changing! Truly.

Nadine you are a queen and I am so grateful for this program and all the things I have learned about myself and how to align with my truth.

I loved every second of exploring myself and my body in new ways and can't wait to continue that in my everyday life. If you're looking for a way to tap into your feminine energy, primal sexuality, body, and emotions in ways you can't always get to on your own, Nadine is your girl!

The 1:1 calls alone are worth the price of admission. Her energy and her light shine so bright and guide you gently in such a safe space."

- Monica, client & group program graduate


Meet your guide


Hi love, I'm Nadine Hamilton

Certified Coach of Holistic Sexuality, Psychosomatic Healing, and Inner Power | Host of Soul Nectar Podcast

My fierce passion for pussy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s empowerment, pleasure activism, and dismantling internalized shame & oppression. I love nothing more than activating something within others that cracks their heart open and awakens them to their true essence.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my pussy and womb, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path. I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, spiritual, and integral part of what makes me, me. My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and orgasmic living.

I am dedicated to sharing this sacred work of holistic self-healing through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, "fixed," or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you. My job is simply to walk by your side as we unravel all that's been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and primal, intuitive, authentic Self.

Desiring to feel deeper into my energy? Check out my website, podcastInstagram, & testimonials!

You will learn inside of Erotic Revival...

  • The anatomy of arousal
  • Practical tools for creating a self-pleasure practice that you ACTUALLY want to incorporate into your life
  • The sacred rituals of yoni mapping and sex magic
  • Orgasmic breathwork
  • The common roots of dissociation, numbness, shutdown, and resistance
  • The essential keys to awaken your capacity for full-body pleasure and orgasm
  • How to re-sensitize your body to pleasure and boldly reclaim your inner sacred slut ;)
  • How to create new neural pathways to now associate intimacy, surrender, sex, and pleasure with safety, ease, openness, and joy
  • How to relate to life as your greatest, kinkiest lover
  • How to boldly love and CHOOSE yourself throughout dating, single-hood, and relationship
  • Powerful and transformative somatic practices for emotional release, sexual energy cultivation, full-bodied arousal, spiritual connection, primal embodiment, nervous system strengthening, and more

Questions? I have answers:


Image credit: multiple photos on this page were shot by the incredibly talented Ana Gracey. Find her work on IG @myeyeslovelight