The embodied erotic education immersion for women & femmes


Inner Sanctum is a ceremonial Yoni Mapping class to awaken your pleasure anatomy, increase pelvic blood flow + sensitivity, gently release tension + blockage, and rediscover your body as the living, erotic temple it is


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Over five years ago, I was guided through my first Yoni Mapping practice.

It was… revelatory.

Even after several years of studying Women’s Studies and Sexuality, I realized that this was the first time I had ever touched my vulva without there being a destination, expectation, or goal.

There was nowhere to “get to” and nothing to extract.

There was no pressure to orgasm, perform, impress, or feel anything other than... exactly what I was feeling.

This tender realization led to tears streaming down my face.

That evening was a homecoming for me.

Most of the women I work with have only ever touched, explored, or related to their p*ssies in the contexts of explicit sexuality, menstruation, birth, or clinical settings.

… And typically with an undertone of forcing, pushing, shaming, fixing, rushing, clenching/tensing, or needing to “get” something from their bodies.

To approach your sex center with pure curiosity, acceptance, openness, patience, and reverence is to remember your body for what it is… a living, breathing, animate, and conscious temple.

Yoni Mapping is a radical invitation to:

  • Become more intimate with your anatomy, pleasure, and desires

  • Rewrite your sexual narrative

  • Resensitize yourself to pleasure and sensation

  • Release stagnant emotions and tension

  • Reclaim your body and sex as YOURS

  • Hold yourself in compassion around the most tender, vulnerable, and taboo areas

  • Learn the unique textures, layers, and feelings of your vagina

  • Experience your p*ssy as divine, powerful, wise, and alive

  • Empower yourself to practice self-consent and self-honoring

  • Focus on offering rather than taking

"I loved every second of exploring myself and my body in new ways and can't wait to continue that into my everyday life.

If you're looking for a way to tap into your feminine, your primal sexuality, to just your body and emotions in ways you can't always get to on your own, Nadine is your girl!"

- Monica, 1:1 client and group program participant


Becoming literate in your pleasure anatomy is the difference between hesitantly shrugging to your lover, “Hmm I’m not sure what I want. I guess that motion is fine!”


...and confidently suggesting, “Baby, you know what would feel sooo delicious? If you firmly penetrated my p*ssy in and out with your tongue while slowly rubbing upwards over my clit with your fingers. Mmm a little further down with your fingers. YES, just like that! Oh my god!!!”


It's the difference between rushing into penetration after 4 minutes of routine kissing because you feel bad for “taking too long” to get warmed up… and sensually taking your sweeeeet, precious time *guilt-free* to turn on your entire body until your p*ssy is practically begging to be entered.


It's the difference between frustratedly thinking something must be “broken” when you shut down as your partner initiates intimacy… and tenderly creating the time and space to check in with how your body is communicating with you and how your current sex life is or isn’t meeting your unique needs in this season of life.

"Working with Nadine was the exact medicine that my inner feminine needed to feel safe to express herself.

I experienced deeper levels of healing than ever before.

Nadine is a gifted guide and healer and very seamlessly leads you through a powerful experience of deep release, self-connection and most importantly she guides you to access your true authentic self.

I now feel the goddess that was previously hidden inside of me coming out into full bloom.

If you're looking to awaken your inner goddess, feminine, or sensual being and you're thinking about working with Nadine, trust that it's for a reason. Trust yourself and dive in!"

- Keisha, 1:1 client and group program participant

Inside of Inner Sanctum, you will learn:

  • How to “map” your own vulva and vagina
  • How your vaginal ecosystem evolves throughout your cycle
  • How to resensitize yourself to more pleasure and arousal
  • Foundations of pleasure anatomy
  • Self-consent and what a “yes” and “no” feel like in your body
  • The keys for relaxing your pelvic muscles and releasing vaginal tension
  • How to truly be with and hold yourself exactly as you are
  • How to integrate and express emotions that may be stored in your tissues
  • Your new “p*ssy check in” ritual
  • Self-massage and gentle dearmoring techniques

Are you ready to remember your divinity through your own p*ssy?


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The flesh of your p*ssy is designed to come alive with touch.

Attentive, loving, nourishing touch.

Touch by the nerve endings of human hands.

Touch by the raw, primal remembrance of flesh-to-flesh contact.

Many women have only ever known their p*ssy as something on the other side of a cold, hard, artificial barrier, if at all.

Something to shove a toxic tampon inside of.

Something to sanitize and strip with harmful, unnecessary chemical products.

Something to pillage in an OBGYN’s office.

Something to desensitize and disconnect from with a plastic vibrator.

Something to contort, shame, demonize, objectify, and ignore, and then somehow expect to “perform” on demand.

Something to be disgusted by.

Anything for the quick fix, instant gratification, and perpetuation of rejecting the animal that we are.
It’s disheartening.

Have the courage to touch yourself.

To know yourself. To pour into and nurture and tend to yourself. To feel the forgotten feelings stored in your tissues.

Get to know the pace of your body, and the unique way in which the petals of your own vulva unfurl, moisten, soften, and willingly open at the touch of safe, loving, patient hands.

Hands that care.
Hands that listen.
Hands that hold no objective but to tenderly be with yourself in your most intimate moments.

Your p*ssy is not something to control, manipulate, or perform.

Your p*ssy is alive.

Treat her like the portal to your own divinity that she is.


Meet your guide

Hi love, I'm Nadine Hamilton

Integrative Sex and Embodiment Coach | Somatic Intimacy Educator | Host of The Sensuous

My fierce passion for p*ssy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s empowerment, pleasure activism, and dismantling internalized shame & oppression. I love nothing more than activating something within others that cracks their heart open and awakens them to their true essence.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my p*ssy and womb, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path. I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, spiritual, and integral part of what makes me, me. My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and pleasure-filled living.

I am dedicated to sharing this sacred work of holistic self-healing through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, "fixed," or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you. My job is simply to walk by your side as we unravel all that's been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and primal, intuitive, authentic Self.

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