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Learn the simple, effective ancient vitality ritual of breast massage that’s been practiced for thousands of years in the Taoist and Tantric traditions.


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The breasts are the gateway to the heart and yoni, and are the outward, radiating, "positive pole" of a woman's energy and sexuality.

I was 15 years old harshly picking apart my teenage body in the mirror before school.

Ugh. I’d do anything to be literally anyone else.

Religiously stuffing my beloved baby pink Victoria’s Secret push-up bra (which already had ~2 inches of padding, mind you) with socks or tissues.

The guilt and shame weighed heavy in my throat, but god I just wanted to be a woman already. God I just wanted to be desired.

Anything to make sure my meticulously constructed cleavage was visible and my inner sense of security and value was therefore affirmed, at least for a moment.

Anything to make sure I’m validated, approved of, attractive, and desirable.

Anything to make sure I feel worthy of love, attention, and belonging.


For years, my body was not my own. At least, I didn’t know it was.

It existed as a never-quite-good-enough burden to control, contort, judge, perform, and offer as a transaction.

I thought its sole purpose was to please, serve, and delight the world around me - men in particular.

It was drilled into my head by culture, media, peers, and what felt like the entire world.


My pleasure was not mine.

My beauty was not mine.

My sexuality was not mine.

My voice was not mine.

My “yes” was certainly not mine.


The adult men in my life no longer knew how to act around my young, developing body. The growing awkwardness, avoidance, and distance, or, at times, utter inappropriateness, was excruciating at an age when I needed secure, loving, healthy male figures the most.


How can I trust my own body when it only leads to the withholding of love?

How can I trust my own perspective, impulses, and inner experience when I’m only “good” if I sit still, be quiet, and do and think and behave as I’m told?

How can I love and accept myself when my insides are shrieking and there’s no one to tell?

When I’m expected to be sexy but ostracized for being sexual?

When I’m teased for being flat-chested but targeted for having boobs?

When I’m outcasted for being shy but labeled ‘attention whore’ for shining too bright?


Over time, the pressure compounded into full dissociation.

My body did not feel like a safe or trustworthy place to be.

So I protected myself from the pain by cutting myself off from feeling… anything.

I was numb. I was a shell.

And I thought I was completely alone.


Many years later, the path of somatic sexual healing found me.

Learning how trauma, emotions, and memories are stored in the BODY blew my f*cking mind, while simultaneously feeling like a familiar, unwavering truth I’ve known all along.

A remembrance throughout my flesh and blood.


I was introduced to the ancient vitality ritual of breast massage, among countless other practices.

For the first time, I fully felt in every last cell of my body that my pleasure is my own.

My body is my own.

My sexuality and breasts and hips and pussy and expression and yes and no are fully my own.


I learned how the breasts are the gateway, the protectors, of the heart.

A physical representation of the overflowing, nurturing, sensual nature of the feminine.

A symbolic statement of our superpower to birth creativity, radiate love, and be the living embodiment of life-giving sustenance for the planet and for ourselves.


The breasts are outward, radiating, vulnerable.

Preceding the rest of our body as we walk through the world.

Meaning… when not regularly tended to, they also store years of unprocessed emotions, projections, and stagnant energy.


Breast massage is a gorgeous practice of cleansing this tender area of any lingering emotions and stagnancies, activating heightened pleasure and sensitivity, claiming your beautiful body as your own, establishing self-intimacy, and cracking open your heart to the most delicious self-love.


This transformative upcoming workshop, SOFTEN: Unlocking Bliss Through Sensual Breast Massage, is...

For your inner child who needs to be loved and held.

For your inner teenager who aches for acceptance and connection.

And for your current self who is so damn worthy of pouring just as much care, presence, WORSHIP, and attention into yourself as you do for those around you.


The extent to which your authentic sexuality can open is determined by the extent to which your heart is open.

This isn't just another cute little self-care routine.

This is a reclamation of the temple that is your body, and your innate deservingness to indulge in the pleasure that is your birthright. 

Join us.

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On a physical level, breast massage promotes lymphatic drainage, increases sensitivity, clears toxins, activates the secretion of the “Love Hormone” oxytocin, prevents the formation of cysts, encourages vaginal lubrication due to hormonal stimulation, and allows the breasts to become fuller and perkier over time.

On an emotional and energetic level, this potent ritual helps to:

  • Cultivate more heart-centered orgasmic energy during lovemaking
  • Open the “Love Chi” of the heart
  • Embody profound self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust
  • Practice softening, surrendering, opening, and being present
  • Ignite full-body pleasure and sensuality
  • Activate the ovaries and clitoris through nipple stimulation
  • Harness a strong sense of command over your energy
  • Invite a more easeful, thorough menstruation and a more expansive ovulation
  • Release any unprocessed emotions/energies stored in the breasts and ovaries
  • Evoke universal love through your heart
  • Cleanse and fill your breasts with fresh, new energy
  • Create a beautiful transition from breastfeeding to re-establishing a special, purposeful relationship with this area of the body
  • Become multi-orgasmic
  • Reclaim and connect with this area after a mastectomy
  • Rewire your breasts for luscious, exquisite pleasure and enjoyment
  • Naturally nourish your libido and sexual radiance

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Hi love, I'm Nadine Hamilton.

Certified Integrative Sex and Embodiment Coach | Somatic Intimacy Educator | Host of The Sensuous

My fierce passion for pussy liberation and sexual reclamation is deep-rooted. I knew from a young age that my mission in this lifetime is to be a disruptor, especially in relation to women’s power, pleasure activism, and dismantling internalized shame and oppression. I love nothing more than activating others to crack open their heart and awaken their true essence.

Through a heart-wrenching “dark night of the soul,” the healing of my own sexual traumas, traveling solo around the world, and many synchronistic events that led me to more deeply connect with my pussy and womb, I was guided directly to my purpose and current path.

I no longer view my sexuality as transactional, triggering, goal-oriented, performative, or something to hide, but rather as an incredibly empowering, sacred, and integral part of what makes me human. My own journey has ignited me from ashamed, scarcity-minded, self-conscious, and directionless to freely expressed, purpose-driven, radically self-loving, and orgasmic living.

I am dedicated to sharing this profound work of holistic self-healing through the context of sexuality, as I believe (& have experienced for myself) that it cuts directly to the root of so many of our issues and blockages in life.

My methodology recognizes that you do not need to be healed, saved, "fixed," or transformed by anyone elseAll that you could ever need or learn is already within you. My job is simply to walk by your side as we unravel all that's been keeping you from your deep inner wisdom, wild capacity for pleasure, and primal, intuitive, authentic Self.

Wanting to feel more of my vibe?

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