- Brooke, 1:1 Client & Temple of Bloom Graduate

"I am so juiced up about how I am feeling from all of my coaching sessions with Nadine!

The space that Nadine and I share is the most safe and loving space. I am amazed by how Nadine can so gracefully guide me on a beautiful journey that leaves me feeling bright, light, empowered, and full of clarity.

I love how Nadine so gently leads me on meditations and asks me questions that make me feel comfortable and invited to speak to my truest self.

I started working with Nadine when I was going through a tough breakup. I am so glad that I decided to work with her because now I can say that, three months (& 6 sessions) later, I am a stronger version of myself with clarity and soo much excitement to live!!

The sessions have taught me how to tap into my body and use my body’s wisdom when navigating situations. The exercises that Nadine has guided me through, including breathwork and shadow work, have given me tools that I am able to use outside of our sessions as well. Nadine is incredible at what she does!"



"I can't thank you enough for your existence! Working with Nadine is like a freakin dream!

She immediately welcomes you in and feels like a safe space to open and unfold yourself.

The way she effortlessly reflects you back to yourself is so rare and something I value more than anything when working with someone. It allows you to hear your words and your body in such a clear way.

I’ll come back to her a million times over just to experience the profound growth I’ve gotten when I sit with her for even just an hour."



"Both times that I got to work one-on-one with Nadine, I was beyond surprised by what came to the surface. I loved her group program but for me, these private sessions were just from another planet. 

Being held, seen, and guided by Nadine is a one-of-a-kind experience. We went deep into the subconscious, while I felt and listened to the signals of my body and relearned about myself in the process. I gained an awareness that is here to stay.

I feel more grounded and light at the same time, feeling like I peeled off another layer of what is keeping me from being my most authentic self and from showing up more boldly in this world. I’m deeply grateful.

Nadine is the real deal and I believe she is one of the greats in the making. I’m also honored to get to watch that journey, seeing her transform, giving me permission to do the same.

Thank you Nadine for your brilliant heart and the light that you share with us so generously.“



"Working with Nadine has been an absolute joy! I love how deep she goes in order to bring forward clarity from our own intuition and body.

Nadine guides you and truly elevates you to your next level. I will be eternally grateful for my experience with her and that I had the honor to work with her.

She is truly a role model and needed in this world, to show others that following their path is achievable and holds so much power! I love her authenticity and zero judgment approach. She is able to hold you in whatever state you are in with SO much love and empathy. There is so much power and beauty in her energy.

THANK YOU NADINE!!! You are a rockstar light worker!!! I have experienced such a deepening of self-love and TRUST."



"Having Nadine as your coach is like being guided by wise angelic energy in human form.

She fully sees you - embracing all that you are bringing to the table with her openness. She invites you to go deep and masterfully connects the dots for you so it gets crystal clear what’s needed in the next steps.

I love her and I will definitely come back to work with her!"



"This has been such an incredible, life-changing journey and so glad that Nadine was my teacher throughout!

I was going through a phase of not feeling my spark or very connected to my body. I can say that my spark is back tenfold!

I feel more grounded, sure of myself, worthy, and feel like I can conquer the world! Words cannot describe how powerful this course was.

I am shining my light more and more each day and uncovering and sharing my truth with the world - something that was scary and intimidating before.

I have been searching for a feeling of self-fulfillment and I am finally cultivating a true relationship with self which will impact the rest of my life."



"Working with Nadine was the exact medicine that my inner feminine needed to feel safe to express herself.

I experienced deeper levels of healing than ever before. Nadine is a gifted guide and healer and very seamlessly leads you through a powerful experience of deep release, self-connection and most importantly she guides you to access your true authentic self.

I now feel the goddess that was previously hidden inside of me coming out into full bloom.

If you're looking to awaken your inner goddess, feminine, or sensual being and you're thinking about working with Nadine, trust that it's for a reason. Trust yourself and dive in!"



"I am honestly amazed by how quickly I’ve noticed such a positive shift in my outlook towards myself and the world since starting this program.

Working with Nadine has been truly wonderful - she always makes me feel comfortable since she is patient and non judgmental, while also being smart, funny, and totally open in all our conversations. Her feedback and observations are super wise and the practices/meditations we do are spot-on, opening my mind and making me feel more compassionate and empowered than I could have expected.

1000% recommend Nadine and Temple of Bloom!!!"



 "Nadine - you are the best! I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the healing you’ve helped me do. Our sessions have been the most fundamental piece to my healing process, I could not have achieved the clarity and growth that I now feel without you. You are so freakin good at what you do!!!

A couple of nights after the last heart healing and rebirth ritual that you guided me through, I was laying in bed and started crying happy tears for feeling empowered with more love, strength, confidence, and tools now than ever before.

After our sessions together - WOWWWW my mind and body are screaming with elation to live fully!!!

I have so much more inner freedom and really feel that I’M BACK with so much strength! I have myself back!! I just want to say that you’re incredible. You have done so much for me and my healing process after my heartbreak. I’m just so thankful for you and stoked to have you by my side!!"



"Nadine is a literal goddess angel beam of light. Thank you SO MUCH for holding such a safe space for me, the REAL ME. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Those things I said to you, I don’t think I had ever said out loud. It was a big deal on my end.

Words cannot express the extreme gratitude I have.

Thank you for existing, for pursuing your passions and sharing them, and for holding the safest space I have ever felt.

I feel a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders getting my Truth out.

I may go as far as saying I ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NO LONGER HOLD SHAME/GUILT FOR MY SEXUAL PREFERENCES AND CORE DESIRES. My eyes have been re-opened to the fact that they are sacred seeds that I get to plant.

I now feel that I’m here to show the world that people like me are just as worthy, whole, valid, and SEXY as everyone else. And that we deserve mind-blowing love and confidence in our bodies and uniqueness.

These sessions were the master key. Thank you Nadine for unlocking this door with me. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, your genuine kind caring heart, and wide open arms that welcomed my entire being - with all of its baggage, fears, anger, and programming.

Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be fully fucking sexually liberated and unapologetic about my truth. I wish I met someone like you earlier in life and that there were more like you out there!! I have never felt this genuine support from anyone around me my entire life."



"Life changing! Truly. Nadine you are a queen and I am so grateful for this program and all the things I have learned from it about myself and how to align myself with my truth.

I loved every second of exploring myself and my body in new ways and can't wait to continue that into my everyday life. If you're looking for a way to tap into your feminine, your primal sexuality, to just your body and emotions in ways you can't always get to on your own, Nadine is your girl!

The 1:1 calls alone are worth the price of admission. Her energy and her light shine so bright and guide you gently in such a safe space."



"Working one-on-one with Nadine was such a powerful healing experience. She made me feel so seen, understood, and appreciated.

All of me was fully embraced and I can’t express how healing that is. Nadine is pure magic. I can’t recommend her enough.

Even after one session, I already feel such a big shift in my life. I feel safer, more grounded and trusting in my body, as well as more connected to my sexuality. I can’t wait to work with her again!!"



"I have a much deeper understanding of my Self and my inner process. Our sessions have given me an awareness, that wasn't there before, of specific patterns keeping me circling in loops.

The biggest shift I see in myself is beginning to actually prioritize myself and to ask myself what it is that I want. I've never done that in my entire life.

It's also been changing my relationship to my depression and my inner child. My nervous system feels like it profoundly relaxes as we work more together. I feel a sense of calm and ease that my whole system hasn't felt in... I don't know how long.

My nervous system feels calm. I amΒ totally present with the environment around me.

Our private sessions haveΒ helped me to make huge changes in my life. I'm exploring new structures to support myself, my creativity, and everything I want to do with more presence, patience, and ease.

Β I've loved every moment of working together!"



"Such powerful things have happened right after our first call!

I've experienced suchΒ a strong awakening of erotic desire and a hunger for intimacy,Β which is so crazy unusual for me.

ItΒ felt very empowering - as if anything is possible.

If I could be in a state of desire, I could stop restricting myself where I previously felt it's not possible for me.

And during a conflict,Β I was able to stay much clearer and firmer in my truth and was able to express what I needed and felt, showing vulnerability but not feeling guilty of feeling the way I feel.

It was very powerful and erupted into a gigantic relief, as all the anger, frustration, and hopelessness that had collected just disappeared with it.

Looking forward to the rest of our journey!"



"I can truthfully say that Force of Nature changed my life and showed me how I can accelerate my healing journey. It was so beautiful to be held and guided in the container that you provided.

The most impactful moments (apart from your overall wisdom and intellectual input) were the embodiment practices. They really hit home for me and allowed things to sink in on a deep level. FON is beautifully designed and I know that I will go back regularly to do the practices and meditations!

I was also deeply emotionally invested, so I wasn't surprised that halfway through shit really came up. πŸ˜€

I think your superpower is to create a super safe space by means of your gentle but super fierce heart. I really felt held and allowed to experience everything I was experiencing. So much gratitude for that!!!

You truly live what you teach. What I’ve most gotten out of this is the idea that these containers over a longer period of time are the perfect thing for me, to commit and hold myself accountable while showing up fully and going all-in.

Thank you for this amazing, authentic, heartfelt, and eye-opening experience and for sharing so much of yourself! And for showing yourself unapologetically and guiding others in doing the same <3"

Toni M.


"I FELT SEEN. This experience was more emotional than I anticipated and therefore that much more healing.

There have been things in my life that I have let build up for a long time and have kept them underneath the surface because I wasn't ready to face them. In my session with Nadine, she brought these long suppressed feelings and experiences to light, validated me as human, and allowed me to begin loving myself fully and forgiving myself.

I never thought someone could know and understand my deepest struggles without being inside my head, but Nadine did.

I can feel that a weight has lifted since my session with Nadine. and I have begun the process of self-forgiveness with Nadine's direction & support.

She is truly amazing. I felt so comfortable, cared for, and listened to by Nadine. Having this session was outside of my comfort zone, but I would do it again in a heartbeat with Nadine. This is YOUR CALLING. Thank you!!!! <3"



"I am so thankful for my session with Nadine. I gained so much clarity around shame issues that I’ve been dealing with for years.

I feel freed from some deep crap and the way I relate to some family members feels so much better.

I can confirm that Nadine is doing the right work that the world needs so badly. When I told my daughter about our session, she was amazed and even said my voice sounds different."



"My experience with Nadine was more special and revealing than I could have hoped for! Nadine's empathy to the human experience, her eloquence, her intuition and her warmth are truly a rarity and I am grateful to have her as a guide.

I gained such fundamental self-awareness, clarity of strengths I didn't know I had, and a very meaningful and comforting connection to myself that I know I will continue to carry. Nadine, I truly loved our journey together - this is so clearly your calling! It's so evidently clear that your purpose is to bring warmth, empathy, and comfort into this world."



"Nadine - I want to thank you and acknowledge the absolutely remarkable role you played in helping me so effectively deal with the most dense, heavy emotions involving a breakup so that I could literally be free in my physical body and heart to open me up to the world again.

After our work together, this electrical hum of my most potent, raw, carnal, familiar sexuality FINALLY came back like a wave in the aftermath of dealing with my breakup.

I’m in awe that the emotional processing work, guidance, and soul work you did with me had such a profound shift on my own sexuality. Thank you for being so intuitive and in touch and using it for the most beautiful form of service.Β I’m dancing a lot everywhere and seriously didn’t used to.

I’m now sending out so much feminine sexual energy again and I couldn’t be more grateful about this undeniable shift, going from zero sex drive, feeling nothing, and total lack of attraction to myself and others, to now feeling so full of life and sexual energy."



"I am blown away by this woman's devotion to the feminine.

Nadine is fearless, bold, and most of all, SO educated in her craft.

I can, without a doubt, say she shifted my relationship with myself, my body, and my femininity in a very short time.

If you're a woman looking to connect deeper with herself, her pleasure, and her femininityΒ while finding safety within, Nadine is it."



"Nadine is a force of passion, love, warmth, and pleasure.

Her coaching containers have left me speechless (a hard task) with a deeper level of trust in myself and safety in my body.

We're so lucky she is sharing her gifts."



"My coaching sessions with Nadine are so mind and soul opening, where I am able to see things that I haven't been able to see before, ever.

I'm being introduced to a whole new world that feels so right and just makes sense.

Thank you thank you thank you."



"Working with Nadine was so beautiful. Nadine is open and loving and respected the challenges I brought to her and made sure that I felt that all of my questions were answered without any judgement.

The session itself helped me understand so many patterns in my life and gave me peace around some specific patterns that have caused hurt for years. I highly recommend working with Nadine."



"I had a wonderful experience with Nadine! She was calming, encouraging, and provided me with plenty of relevant insight.

I am better equipped with different strategies to work on my self-love and self-trust. I really feel like I learned a lot about myself today and I can't wait to do another session. I also am definitely going to do your recommended practices."



"I had such a wonderful and beautiful experience - I felt very emotional the entire time and was brought to tears due to an overwhelming energy of love.

This experience was very impactful and I know now that I am capable of getting to where I want to be and not just dreaming of it."



"It was a great experience and reaffirmed things about myself that I have heard before but in a much clearer way. The day after the Akashic Records session I had abundant energy.

I took away practical items that I could work on for self-improvement and am looking forward to booking another session with Nadine."



"The session was spot on and I felt seen in a way I have not felt in a long time. Her professional and calm demeanor made it easy to speak authentically and freely about my life.

The session was intimate, raw, and exactly what I needed to hear! I am very grateful for Nadine's time and will be shouting her name from the rooftops! I will definitely be sharing your website with others!"



"My session with Nadine was absolutely amazing and exactly what I was needing.

It felt so good to get confirmation and clarity on who I am and what gifts I have to offer. I feel more empowered to step into my authentic expression. I feel like I can trust myself and my intuition on a deeper level now, and that means everything to me. I am so grateful!

I recommend recording the session, I've listened to it multiple times since and it has been helpful in realigning me with my truth. Thank you so much Nadine!"



"As this was my first Akashic Records reading experience, I wasn't sure of what to expect. Nadine effortlessly put me at ease and in a space of openness, I was able to sense that just from her energy.

My favourite part of my reading was how excited and genuine Nadine was as she was accessing my records. I could vividly imagine everything she was seeing as well. The most impactful part of my reading was - I sometimes feel as though my spirit guides try to communicate with me, and through Nadine, these feelings were confirmed.

The messages I was receiving through Nadine were familiar messages I just had not being paying as close of attention to. This reading filled me with hope and reassurance.

It was such an honour to be able to have this experience with Nadine. Nadine, you are a divine vessel between your clients and their Akashic Records. Your sincerity and pursuit of relaying messages that can help your clients achieve their highest purpose are a true blessing."



"My experience receiving a session with Nadine was incredibly eye-opening.

Everything she said to me was so in tune with what I was looking for and really resonated with me. I can’t pick one thing that was most impactful to me because the experience as a whole was just really so special in its entirety."



"So incredibly special! I was so impressed from start to finish, Nadine.

There were so many thoughtful touches and I didn't expect to get so emotional!"



"I had an incredible experience with Nadine—she truly is gifted!

The most impactful part of my first session with her was how honest she was with me and how comfortable I felt with her. Part of what I learned is that I no longer need to doubt myself and the meaning of my life path. It’s like a weight has been lifted.

Her readings are astonishingly accurate and specific and she does a great job of teasing out the lessons we seek to learn from the Akashic Records. I will definitely be working with her again in the future!"



"This was my first reading and I was very nervous in the beginning - mostly the unknown and if I was going to get emotional. But as I spoke with Nadine, she was very comforting and sweet which made me open up.

The way Nadine explained my Akashic Records was very descriptive and story-like, I could literally feel and see everything she was explaining! Everything made sense and needed very little clarification.

I really feel like Nadine has a true gift and has given me a lot of clarity and comfort in what I’ve been struggling with. Thank you so much for everything you do!"



"I was honestly nervous going into my first Akashic Records reading as I had really no idea what to expect. Within minutes I was totally at ease.

My session with Nadine was absolutely eye-opening and put me in a total sense of calm and understanding. The session made me realize pain points in my life that were always there I just had never unlocked.

I truly feel that I now have the tools and information to work towards being the best version of myself."



Ready toΒ dive in?